Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow snow snow snow snow

So, this work thing really takes it out of a girl. But thanks to the snow, I have a longer weekend in which to reflect on the positive aspects of my career. There is undeniably a satisfying sense of competence about work which can be all too elusive in the writing. I don't particularly enjoy being sent to Glasgow at short notice, or having to stay late to finish things, but it does make one feel wanted. My colleagues are (for the most part) as lovely as I remember. Also, lets be honest, it is very nice to see my bank balance halt its relentless downward slide. I have celebrated solvency with a self-gift of a beautiful silver pen - by way of reminder not to stop writing. So far, so good - still making reasonable progress on the corrections to novel no.1 and finished another short story the other day, although I have decided to let various competition deadlines slide without my input.

Snow = being at home, ought to = productivity, but snow engenders that 'being off school' feeling which prevents any substantial activity. So I went to the park and took pictures of the happy sledging people, and felt good about it.

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Debi said...

School's back today - and I was appalled to see the kids being ushered straight into the hall - no wandering off the path, no picking up snow, no sliding, no snowmen ... no bloody fun!!!