Saturday, 21 February 2009

Alphabet Month - R&S

"R" is for arrrrrrgh, I missed a day. Not quite sure how that happened, sorry. Although it was one of those days when I overslept and my head melted - I narrowly avoided pouring juice on my cereal and wore my watch upside down for about four hours before noticing.
To be honest, I wasn't certain of my plans for R - it might have been rampant, rampaging, rambunctious and rumbustious, or it might have been retiring. Either way, it would have been richly relevant. Or I might have succumbed to temptation and just written 'ooh R'...

By contrast, "S" is simple - it stands for serendipity, my favourite thing.

1 comment:

Zenmeister said...

And you were doing so well!!! Can I point out, however, that I am most intrigued and impressed with your progress during alphabet month? You clearly are increasingly revelling in the challenge of not just ending up with a list of words. I can practically "see" your confidence and ease of lateral thinking increase! Amazing.