Friday, 28 November 2008

Westfield, ho!

I seem to have neglected to mention my visit to the opening day at Westfield Mall. I like the architecture (that British Museum - lite roof in particular), I like the fact that they don't have many tacky chain eateries (but do have square pie, sushi, lebanese food etc), but otherwise I'm underwhelmed. The main interior food hall was grossly overcrowded - at least half hour queue for everything - so don't expect to eat there any time around Christmas or sales. The shops are pretty much Oxford Street the second, although I haven't come across the oddly-named 'Pull & Bear' before who have a fine range of cheap and interesting T-shirts, albeit aimed at 16-year-olds.

There were a few first-day incentives around, though nothing spectacular (warm champagne, anyone?). But I was very pleased with the free turtle I got when I bought a bag from Carpisa. It's furry - which of course is a little bit wrong for a turtle, but very cute - and most importantly it's satisfyingly odd.

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