Monday, 17 November 2008

Fame at last (ahem...)

Had an email recently reminding me that the winners of the PCS & Words Magazine short story competition (open to members of any trades union) had been announced. I hadn't heard anything so knew I hadn't won, but was very pleased to see my name in the "highly commended" category! They also list those who reach the second and third readings so you appear at the top of a pleasing pyramid. The story is a little too long to post here - it's called 'Moonlight over Mount Pleasant' and involves a young boy with learning difficulties going missing at the British Postal Museum and Archive, with some possible comparisons between the sorting office, the silent prison that once stood on the Mount Pleasant site and a mind that is full of ideas but has trouble expressing itself. Very nice to have a little recognition to tell people about before I go back to work in January.

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