Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Shelf love

From the moment we first viewed our house, I knew we had to knock through between the lounge and the kitchen, and from the moment the hole was made I knew it needed to be framed with fitted shelves. After several months dreaming, a couple more finding the right affordable carpenter and a few more still waiting for this rare species to finish other commissions, the shelves are here! I can almost forget the two dusty days it took to fit them and the entire weekend during which we cursed our decision to paint them ourselves for reasons of econ0my. All that is history - I can walk through a wall of books!

I had fitted bookshelves around me as I grew up and something inside me just feels better about them being there. There's just one problem... by my calculations we have enough space to accommodate another 2-3 years books, cds and dvds - after that, it's back to the drawing board, or possibly we'll just have to move house, to somewhere that already has fitted shelves...

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