Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Blood and prevarication

Yesterday I finally got around to giving blood for the first time - following the good example of my husband and aunt and also because I want to know my blood group (not had the letter yet and I'm sure it will be deeply dull but doesn't everybody secretly want to have special blood? Just me then...).

There is genuinely so little to it that I feel even more guilty for having left it so long - it just feels like getting holiday jabs, and with free bourbons afterwards! So if anyone else out there has been putting it off, go now and revel in the sugary rewards of virtue.

It is also a great excuse for idleness. Yes, technically you are fine to work, play and really do anything except operate heavy machinery or drink more than about a glass of wine - but it does make you kind of hungry and sleepy and is a great excuse to have a Sunday-ish time relaxing.

Coincidentally - or it it - I have just discovered a great new way to kill time. Yes I am very late to discover the phenomenon that is Threadless T-shirts, but I have made up for it by ordering seven Ts and rating about a million designs. Yes I have spent about three hours in the last two days on a T-shirt website... For those like me who wallowed in ignorance of this great cultural phenomenon, Threadless is a kind of ongoing design competition for T-shirts (and now also prints). If you join you can rate designs and the most popular are printed and sold - leading to the best selection of Ts I have ever seen at very reasonable prices (ah that weak dollar... but even without that and with the international postage it wouldn't be too bad). You can also vote for reprints of designs that have sold out.

I hasten to add that before I found Threadless, I did finish the first draft of my first novel - it's rather short and frankly not very good, but with lots of good stuff in it waiting to be rescued in draft 2...

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