Saturday, 3 May 2008

It's not over until the fat man sings - from the heart!

Went last night to see Deadline and Mad Sin at the Islington Academy - which reminded me of the time some years ago when I saw Evanescence and Jane's Addiction over the course of a few days - that's to say, the first band were all about the technically admirable and satisfying in stereo, whereas the second brought the true heartfelt mayhem, charisma and sex, with much more exciting results.

I don't want to be rude about Deadline - I really liked the music and will almost certainly pay money for it at some point and be happy - but someone needs to tell the singer that ironing her hair flat (including the so-now, so-vogue-meets-essex long fringe) and tucking it behind her ear every time it threatens to go astray is just not rock&roll... when she punched the air the fun came solely from comparing it to Evanescence's 'daring' exortation to us to 'rock our asses off' - oooooh, xena warrior princess (almost) swore!

With Mad Sin, however, words cannot really do justice. Their stage preparations included setting up the immense black double bass, which glowed eerily in its border of red fairy lights with a small trail of smoke rising behind it. The double bass player has a red tip to his quiff to match the lights, and at one point managed (slowly) to swing the entire base around his head. Oh, and at a key point in the performance the head of the double base emits a shower of sparks to the ceiling. All of which is fun, but not nearly so exhilarating and confusing as the sight of their behemoth of a singer, belly straining at his braces, scarf turning to limp rag, and quiff turning at the back into what I can only describe a kind of horned tonsure, leaping and kicking as he exercises his vocal range from squeal to gravel. The music is not greatly varied - but it's all about rhythm and pace and appeals on a visceral level. Each time the singer high-kicks or does a 'brrr' wobble with his jowls his entire body vibrates in a long wave, mesmerically. Meanwhile on the left is what appears from his emaciation to be the singer's knawed bone, with a quiff cunningly shaped to bring out the oddity of his head. The double bassist also sings, as does 'elvis' who is brought out mid way for a couple of songs, possibly to prevent the singer from a coronary. Compelling viewing...

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