Sunday, 27 April 2008

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome...


If you are new to my blogs, you are the most exciting thing ever to happen to me, I love you and I have every confidence that though you are not usually susceptible to shameless flattery you will embrace this blog and everything in it as a discovery of your supreme good taste, link to it at every opportunity, and tell all your friends.

My existing friends, I love you too and thank you for joining me in my new persona as the low key high flyer. It's a description I first came up with on a training programme called 'preparing for top management'. It was a great course, but did highlight to me that I was supposed to have a bit of a one track mind of the 'onwards and upwards - as fast as possible' variety. Low key high flyer seems particularly apposite to my time on sabbatical - best characterised as 'onwards and sideways - with plenty of pauses for tea & cake'. Also of course it's a little more accessible and hopefully memorable to those who have not known me long enough to understand the name hmsankh.

I'll be hoping to post much more regularly than before now that the kitchen table is my empire. Meanwhile, if life is a cabaret, where is my orchestra? Out there somewhere, I'm sure.

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