Friday, 19 February 2010

Did I mention...

...that I'm pregnant? In fact, I'm just about half way through, which seems like the right time to start blogging about it, as I start to assimilate to my ever-changing condition!

Been thinking recently that pregnancy reminds me a lot of being engaged.
- You begin with a burst of euphoria between the two of you (if lucky like me, that is)
- Then there is quite likely to be a slow phase where at some point you are scared / appalled / hormonally challenged / feel that you have signed your life away and wish to act like a teenager
- It's a lot of fun telling your close friends and family
- You settle (again, if lucky like me) into a warm glow of contentedness and anticipation
- Which can be expected in turn to give way to a manic few months of planning, followed by a joyous (you hope) but hectic occasion and the start of a new phase of your existence...

At any rate, I prefer that metaphor to my early conviction that pregnancy is a nine month illness followed by a dangerous operation...and I didn't even suffer from morning sickness! Have now got used to the fact that nothing, but nothing in my body works the way I am used to, and am mostly glowing. As a control freak and rampant individualist, I did rather dread the process of pregnancy, but find I am delighted to have been taken over by my very own little alien - must be the hormones, long may these ones keep flowing.

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