Friday, 3 April 2009

Lost in space

Oops, so March came and went then... In my defence, I have been stuck either at work on on public transport. RANT ALERT...Southern Railways were not my most trusted people anyway, but what really beggars belief is that last Monday they left me anD a train full of commuters in total absence of information for over an hour and a half after the train lost power. Eventually, in desperation, people took matters into their own hands and started climbing off and walking along the track, thus precipitating a slow official progress off the front of the train. When asked why they had said nothing, officials said that 'the communications were down' - first of all this certainly wasn't true in the first half hour, when we were told there was a power cut. Secondly - it's a train full of people. They have voices. If you can't walk down (and frankly they could have though it was a little crowded), ask people to pass a message on! So far as I know, no-one was hurt, but no thanks to Southern. Oh and the best part is that the front of the train was a foot into Balham station the whole damn time...

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