Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sex & the City - once more with feeling

A topic that cannot currently be avoided. In essence, if you like the series you will like the movie. A movie that faithfully replicates its own series is a lovely (and rare) thing. Very happily, it's a bit like they made another season of the show, which you can watch on the big screen.

The best way to enjoy it, as tested by myself and friend, must surely be as follows:

1. Enjoy some ritual pampering or preparation - I had just-stepped-out-of-a-salon hair, my friend had fabulous painted toenails.

2. Don't even consider watching this at your average cinema. At the everyman in Hampstead, for a price no more unreasonable than Leicester Square, you can have a comfy sofa and put your feet up with a G&T. Bliss. Now I just have to persuade them to stock cakes from their local bakeries...

3. Be comfortable, as above, with the fact that this is like the series. That's to say it's about friendships, fashion and romance. Plot is not really a huge feature - you may have read the outline in magazines e.g. 'Charlotte is pregnant' - that is basically her entire plot line, plus one comedy toilet incident. But friends are still friends, Carrie and Big still have the big dramatic romance (while the others have satisfyingly realistic relationships), and the fashion is inspired. My personal favourite is the stunning purple jersey dress Carrie wears when leaving her apartment, but there are so many to choose from.

4. After your lengthy and relaxing cinematic experience, prepare for a lengthy and relaxing digestion of it - Dim T is minutes from the everyman and does bento boxes (before 6pm) that are cheaper than the everyman's snacks, and can be followed by chocolate fondue - need I say more.

I think the only down side for me was the fur - anti-fur protesters are portrayed in the film, but as screaming frumpy lunatics - hardly Stella McCartney darling. Also, kudos to Carrie / SJP for not sharing her sex life. Yes there has to be some but it felt a bit like we were going round each couple's bed in turn at one point. Let's be clear though, i love this and will see it again, and again, and again...

Coming next...the report from Alton Towers. The life of a low key high flyer is not ALL about guilty pleasures though, honest - I cracked 100 pages on the draft novel this week (though unfortunately this draft is not going to reach 200 - i need some more subplots!)

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